Vulnerability Management

What you don’t know won’t hurt you. But in the case of vulnerability management, what you don’t know may very well end up having serious consequences.

Indeed, in the race to deal with vulnerabilities, both situational awareness and effective remediation are essential in keeping you one step ahead. Our security consultants can help you to keep pace by providing a vulnerability scanning service to gain visibility of your vulnerabilities, assess risk, prioritise remediation and improve operational management processes.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Our managed service can handle all aspects of vulnerability scanning, delivering a tailored report to support prioritised and efficient vulnerability remediation.     

Savanti will complete an initial discovery phase to build a full understanding of your IT landscape and how best to provide regular assurance. We utilise industry-leading scanning tools to set-up, configure and execute the scans aligned to your requirements.

Our team of experienced security consultants will review and analyse the scan output data on your behalf to provide tailored, summarised reports and prioritised remediation recommendations.  In addition, we can provide guidance and support for the implementation of fixes.

Penetration Testing

In order to assess specific attack paths and scenarios, and to determine the validity and risk of a specific vulnerability, we can complement regular vulnerability scanning with penetration testing. We will work with you to recommend the most appropriate approach in relation to specific threats or recent environment changes.

Operational Process Improvement

A comprehensive vulnerability management programme relies upon effective processes, including management of IT assets and configuration and patching. We will work with your in-house teams or suppliers to ensure your operational processes and security controls are working in support of your vulnerability remediation programme.

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