Cyber Security Strategy and Transformation: Directive, Innovative, Measurable

Having a clear view of where you want to get to and establishing your Cyber Security Strategy and Transformation is crucial in achieving your security objectives. We will work with you to create your vision and strategy for information security, and to develop a targeted programme of work to meet your strategic objectives, drive improvement and manage risk.

Strategy Definition

What does good look like for your organisation? Architecting a clear cyber security strategy will set the direction and clarify your priority objectives for transformational change. An effective strategy will support your business requirements, meet regulatory and legal obligations, and factor in internal considerations, such as capability, budget and other in-flight initiatives.

Our team of security consultants will support you in mapping out a vision and strategy, and articulate the required outcomes against which progress can be tracked. With direction set, we’ll develop an actionable programme of work that will deliver your strategic objectives and proactively reduce risk across your organisation.


Target Operating Model (TOM) Development

An operating model is important in enabling your security team to deliver security outcomes to your organisation (and articulate how you’re going to do this in a way that your stakeholders can understand). By developing and implementing your own security operating model you can effectively set priorities and expectations within your team and across your organisation, in order to focus on what matters most.

At its core an effective security operating model will:

  • Articulate the capabilities (services) provided by the team
  • Outline the key inputs, outputs, and dependencies
  • Define key roles and responsibilities, and necessary tooling, for delivery and governance
  • Set out a development roadmap for enhancement where required

Our security consultants will work closely with you to design and develop the right capabilities and services to be set up for success.


Transformation Planning and Delivery

Whether you require a comprehensive transformation programme or targeted improvements, our security consultants have the experience to plan prioritised programmes of work. We will work with you to set short, medium and target outcomes, together with a roadmap of activities to achieve them. Recommended transformation initiatives are focused and prioritised to ensure critical gaps are addressed and any investment decisions that may be required are clearly mapped out alongside the benefits. Our security consultants can work with you to lead on, or support, the delivery of your transformation programme.

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