Cyber security isn’t just about email hacking and ransomware. It’s about protecting your valuable assets; people, information, systems, processes, culture and physical surroundings.

At Savanti we have created an NCSC Aligned Cyber Security Maturity Model which provides an all-encompassing approach to implementing a strategic response to cyber risk.

Using our model we assess all aspects of risks to the information and systems within your company and provide you with a detailed analysis of your cyber security maturity and help you shape your information security position.

Our three-tired approach is practical to implement, makes it easy to monitor the effectiveness and ensures that you target your investment where it matters most.

NCSC Aligned Cyber Security Model

1. Foundation
The first phase covers the leadership, structure and operating model of the security organisation, along with key supporting documentation (policies, standards, charters).

2. NCSC 10 Steps
The second phase is an assessment of your company’s maturity in each of the ‘10 Steps to Cyber Security’ (advice provided to UK businesses by the National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ).

3. Assurance processes
Just because security controls exist, it doesn’t mean they are effective. It can be easy to develop a false sense of security after investing in cyber. Therefore, the third phase is concerned with a number of assurance processes which need to be implemented to check whether everything is working as it should be.

Read More about how Savanti can apply this model and improve your company’s cyber security position.


Cloud Security Assurance

Our Cloud Security Assurance service is there to help customers migrate services to the cloud with confidence. We assess all aspects of your cloud deployment to highlight any security risks. We assist with security improvements in the architecture and design of your cloud-based services and perform thorough security testing capability to provide the level of assurance you need.

Service benefits include:

  • Assurance that your cloud services are secure and can adequately protect your data
  • Ensure there are no gaping holes or backdoors into your cloud-based service
  • Design for scale to prevent security concerns inhibiting growth
  • Assurance on deployed services