Security Architecture: Designing Secure Technology & Processes

Having a coherent and progressive security architecture and roadmap is essential to keeping you on the front foot and ensuring your security programme is heading in the right direction. However, good security architects are both very hard to find and very expensive.

Having a weak or immature security architecture can end up costing your organisation significant time and money, introduces unnecessary complexity, and even worse, can provide a false sense of security. You cannot afford to compromise on this critical capability.

Our Security Architecture service has been developed to support organisations of all sizes, regardless of where they are on their journey. This ranges from a few days here and there with our architecture-on-demand, to full-scale architecture-as-a-service, something we have been providing to Enterprise class businesses for many years.

Our Security Architecture team is led by some of the most talented resources in the industry, all of whom have previously been Global Heads or Directors of Security Architecture at world-leading organisations, including several FTSE100 companies.

We provide a consistent approach, saving time and money on trial and error. Leading-practice is achieved from having experience across a wide variety of industries and seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t. We pride ourselves in having an excellent understanding of the current and near-future security vendor landscape. We know where the typical problems occur, what ‘gotchas’ to avoid, and how to make architecture and design understandable to a non-technical audience.

Our range of security architecture services include…

  • Security Architecture Review / Current State Assessment
  • Security Roadmap Development
  • Security Tooling & Proof of Concept Support
  • Technology Integration Design & Planning
  • Business-as-usual (BAU) Security Architecture Support
  • Security Process Design & Implementation
  • Security Solution Architecture & Design

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