Privileged Access Management: Preventing attackers from gaining easy access to your most valuable systems and assets

Whether a targeted attack is launched externally or by an individual who has legitimate access to parts of your networks or systems, an attack is easier to perpetrate if the target organisation lacks robust controls over access to critical or sensitive systems and data. Using a carefully designed Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution can add another layer of security within the organisation: limiting or nullifying the impact of an attack.

Savanti has the technical expertise needed to create effective PAM strategies and solutions: ensuring that only individuals with an appropriate level of privilege can access specific systems or information; while monitoring privileged end user account activity to detect and respond to attempts to bypass PAM controls.

How we work

Our underlying aim, when helping clients optimise their use of PAM is to ensure you realise the maximum possible value from your investment in PAM. Our approach is broken into three phases:


This phase ensures you are fully prepared to deliver your new PAM capability and achieve the outcomes you require. Savanti will guide you through the process of assessing your current privileged account model, to identify any vulnerabilities or issues with your current access methods and account administration processes.

We identify the PAM capabilities needed to meet your objectives and address any PAM security concerns, building a prioritised roadmap and feature delivery plan designed to reduce time-to-value and to achieve a higher level of security from the start.


Technology is only one piece of the PAM puzzle, developing an operational model and associated business processes for the use of this technology is also critical to your success.  During the Develop phase we help model business/IT processes to support the PAM implementation and deliver your desired security outcomes.  Savanti will guide and support you through every step of this process, from policy development and architectural design to platform deployment and testing.

Deliver Value

As soon as your PAM platform is available will we begin the process of securing and bringing your privileged accounts under management, initially through a pilot and then through a prioritised rollout addressing the greatest level of risk first.

Our product team will work with you on an ongoing basis to increase the maturity and value provided to you by your PAM capability, incorporating additional features as required and adapting the platform in response to changing threats and business requirements.

Savanti can help you align your PAM and Identity and Access Management capabilities so they are working in unison to protect your business, close any security gaps and streamline account and entitlement provisioning using approval workflow to improve efficiency.  Your IAM solution can provision your privileged identities whilst your PAM solution secures them.  For more information on our IAM services please see below:

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Privileged Access Management