CTaaS – A Leading Construction Company – Enabler
Not Overhead

We have been providing support to one of the largest prime construction contractors in the UK. The company’s Information Security team wanted support to get better buy in from senior management, articulate the real risks to the business and improve overall maturity.

These activities have been critical in transforming Information Security from being viewed as an overhead to a key enabler allowing for new contracts to be tendered for. Using our extremely experienced team, we were able to support strategy creation, provide risk articulation, deliver end-to-end projects and forecast budgets. This partnership continues to deliver expert advisory as a retained service ensuring that support is always available when it is needed most.

Strategy Creation
Understanding the business challenges, articulating a roadmap to reach the stated outcomes and designing the approach that is right for the organisation.

Tailored Solutions
Delivery of turn-key capabilities designed specifically for the needs of the client.

Become a Business Enabler
By identifying how Information and Cyber security can provide
new growth opportunities for the company.

Cyber Team as a Service