Pen Testing and Red Teaming

Pen Testing and Red Teaming. We have an experienced Attack Simulation Team (Vulnerability Management, Pen Testing, Red Teaming) offering a wide range of Pen Testing services for all of your organisational needs. All simulations have the stated goal of providing actionable and measurable recommendations that if adopted will materially reduce the risk of cyberattacks. We are accredited to provide Penetration Testing across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) by CREST.  

We provide a fully managed Penetration Testing service from scoping to post penetration test remediation advice and support. We also offer individual services, such as Red Teaming and consultancy surrounding all security tooling and deployment areas.

During the collaboration process, we will ensure satisfactory delivery through workshops, small group and one-to-one sessions, reporting and presentations. The service we offer as a full lifecycle project will comprise of planning and scoping, Pen Testing or Red Teaming, review and consultation and report of findings. We take a pragmatic approach to security vulnerabilities to ensure that resources are directed to tasks which will provide the most value and make the most difference to the underlying security level of the organisation. This will involve an assessment of your systems environment and infrastructure and your existing security measures such as your firewall and VPN. We can also help an organisation to understand their attack surface and provide an “attacker’s view” of an organisation from an external perspective. A full list of targeted areas will be provided in the scoping phase. This will allow us to recognise security issues concerning cyber information and data, and we can then support you with any recommendations going forwards.

Our experienced testers will utilise industry-standard tools to perform tests and verify activities, which will then be reported on in a formal and harmonised manner. We keep in mind modernisation and business enhancement when testing and imposing compliance, with the main focus on your cyber safety.


  • Assessment conducted by CREST certified specialists
  • Vulnerability scanning and management
  • Web Application Penetration Testing and post testing assistance
  • Assessment of cloud services security
  • Internal network service analysis
  • Perimeter review
  • Assignment scope tailored to customer requirements
  • Ad-hoc or routine Pen Testing based on the current circumstance
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certified by UKAS
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and CREST approved for penetration testing


  • Understand true business risks that expose your organization
  • A detailed report with full walk-through
  • Highlight risks of data exposure
  • Full management from assessment to post testing support
  • Provide architectural view of the business cyber security
  • Application of advice based on cross-industry expertise
  • Pragmatic advice on risks associated with vulnerabilities
  • Tailored remediation advice with solutions designed for your organisation

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Pen Testing and Red Teaming