Ian Cohen

Executive Advisor

Ian Cohen is an established advisor to Savanti as well as being a valued customer, he therefore bringsĀ both a unique and practitioner-led perspective to the development of our cyber strategy and products.

Currently holding the Chief Product and Information Officer position at Acacium Group, Ian is a global leader in digital delivery, managed services and specialist staffing solutions to the healthcare, social care and life science sectors. Working as a C-suite executive for almost 25 year’s, he has a wealth of experience that spans the financial services, technology, media, broking, transport and logistics, and more recently the healthcare industries.

Professionally recognised throughout his career by peers and analysts, Ian is one of the UK’s most innovative and influential CIOs and the driving force behind numerous global strategic transformation programmes for some of the UK’s biggest brands.

Ian has held various non-exec director and board adviser positions with numerous start-ups and scale-out businesses at the forefront of recent digital transformation and delivery agendas.

Ian Cohen