Microsoft Security

We are a Microsoft Partner with Solution Partner designate status in Modern Work, Digital & App Innovation Azure and Data and AI Azure. As a Microsoft Partner, we have enrolled in their Cloud Solutions Partner programme which allows us to manage your Microsoft licensing on your behalf. Microsoft tools can enhance the company’s security posture through an integrated ecosystem, leveraging threat intelligence, and offering a comprehensive suite of security tools and services.  

As an existing Microsoft partner, we can leverage our partnership to deliver a comprehensive implementation and deployment services for Microsoft solutions, including customisation, configuration, and integration based on your requirements. Additionally, we can offer ongoing support, maintenance, and training to ensure you maximise the benefits of your Microsoft technologies.  

As Microsoft has different licensing portals, there may be a separate requirement for Azure, M365 and any other major licence groups. We can provide the full support and guidance to make the transition simple and straightforward. If needed, we can work with Microsoft to ensure the optimal approach is used, as there is a tendency for the approach to change regularly. By capitalising on our Microsoft partnership, we can provide end-to-end solutions, from initial consultation and implementation to ongoing support and training, thereby delivering Microsoft services as a comprehensive and valuable offering to you.  


  • Microsoft Partnership Advantages
  • Access to a wide range of Microsoft products, licenses, and resources
  • Expertise in integrating Microsoft services with existing systems 
  • Comprehensive assessment of your needs
  • Customisation and configuration of Microsoft solutions 
  • Seamless integration with existing systems
  • Deep understanding of Microsoft technologies and industry best practices


  • Optimise operations and enhance productivity
  • Implementation and Deployment Services
  • Tailoring the software to fit your unique processes and workflows
  • End-to-end solutions from consultation to implementation
  • Ability to provide comprehensive solutions and address diverse business needs
  • Providing timely technical support to address your queries and issues

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Microsoft Security