Managed Detection and Response

Our Managed Detection and Response is an all-inclusive security service that combines advanced threat detection, incident response, and continuous monitoring to protect against cyber threats. We offer a proactive approach to security to help you monitor and report on security incidents. With a skilled team of security analysts and incident responders we aim to help you stay ahead of evolving threats by continuously optimising security controls. 

Our MDR practice focuses on securing your information, technology and networks from the many threats they face. We provide leadership, technical understanding, intelligence and solutions to allow you to benefit from the opportunities that the digital economy brings in line with industry best practices. We will ensure the highest quality and protection available, whilst being cost efficient. We use automation across the Microsoft security tools in your estate, meaning that not only can the response be achieved much quicker and with greater efficacy, but it no longer requires multiple staff for each role, therefore keeping costs lower. We can help you to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, minimise the impact of security incidents, and enhance overall security resilience, thus enabling you to focus on your core business while having peace of mind knowing that your security is in capable hands.  


  • Examines the attacker surface of the organization 
  • Utilises advanced threat intelligence and security analytics for proactive threat identification 
  • Monitors network traffic, endpoints, and systems to detect suspicious activities and indicators of compromise
  • Swift incident response to minimise the impact of security incidents
  • Conducts thorough investigations to understand the root cause and develop effective response strategies
  • Access to a team of expert security analysts and incident responders


  • Identifies the real area of risk to the organisation
  • Early identification of potential threats, allowing for prompt mitigation and minimising the impact of security incidents
  • Reduces the risk of undetected threats and enhances overall security posture
  • Enhances visibility and ensures timely response to emerging threats
  • Bolsters the overall security posture by combining advanced detection, response capabilities, and ongoing optimisation

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Managed Detection and Response