Incident Response Services

Cyber security incidents have become inevitable; the result of our increasingly interconnected and technology-enabled world, Savanti’s Incident Response Services can counteract them. As the increasing frequency of high-profile breaches show, no organisation is immune.

Having the ability to effectively respond to security incidents rapidly in a structured and controlled manner, is crucial in both limiting the impact of an attack, aiding organisational recovery and increasing stakeholder confidence in the organisation.

Savanti’s Incident Response Services are designed to support organisations developing their incident response capability, as we know that preparing and acting while a situation is favourable can really make a difference and puts the odds of effective recovery firmly back in your favour.

Savanti consultants have a proven track record and experience in helping organisations build and improve their incident response capability that is tailored to the specific needs of the organisation. To build this capability, Savanti uses the latest incident lifecycle good practice and industry body guidance to address several key components:

The key benefits of our approach:

  • Visibility: Our readiness assessments provide a holistic view of your incident response capabilities and highlights any deficiencies.
  • Understanding: The incident response scenario exercise provides real understanding and insight into what systems could be compromised and what data could be lost.
  • Confidence: Our capability reporting and exercising service is designed to increase confidence for incident responders and define what they need to know whilst identifying practical improvements.
  • Cohesion: Testing your incident response plans and operational procedures with the right decision-makers accelerates team cohesion and effectiveness in times of crisis.

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Incident Response Service

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