Incident Management

Most organisations know it’s a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ they experience a cyber attack. That’s why it’s vital to prepare your organisation in ‘peace time’ with an Information Security Operating Procedures (ISOP) review.  What’s more, the ISOP should take a strategic approach in assessing your organisation’s ability to respond if targeted by an attack vector.  Savanti consultants specialise in this form of review, ensuring you’re able to deal with incidents quickly and in a way that minimise reputational and financial damage.

How it works

Your current business processes and procedures are reviewed against the latest best practices and advice from industry bodies including NIST, SANS, and Savanti’s in-house security team.  You then receive gap analysis reports and detailed roadmaps showing how to reduce risk and improve capability.

It’s up to you how detailed these go – the full incident response lifecycle, or a review of elements such as:

  • Security operations team and capabilities
  • Incident handling policies and procedures
  • Post-incident debriefing and lessons learned
  • Gap analysis and creation of critical improvement roadmaps
  • Development of security operating procedures
  • Process development and implementation governance

Common attack vectors to focus on

You can prepare for all incidents to some degree (with help from us).  However, there are several common attack vectors our consultants may focus on.  In particular, around evaluating your organisation’s ability to deal with:

  • Web-based and email-based attacks
  • Attacks from peripheral devices, USBs and other removable media
  • Brute force attacks, DDoS and other attribution-based attacks
  • Theft or loss of equipment
  • Improper or unauthorised use of your company’s resources
  • Threats from existing or ex-employees

These are then analysed based on these four main areas.

Focus Areas:

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