Education & Awareness: Empower your greatest assets with Savanti

You can have the most powerful cyber security system in the world. However, hackers will always head to the weakest link to look for a way in – your employees. That’s why we offer bespoke cyber security awareness training to counter today’s sophisticated attack methods – such as phishing, ransomware, malware, and social engineering attacks.

Tell us about your organisation and we’ll develop a customised cyber security awareness training solution to reduce your security risks. This includes advising, implementing and embedding good practices around:

Cyber Security Training
  • Baseline assessments
    Determining what falls within scope for your cyber security strategy
  • Training plans
    These can include mandatory CBT modules, OWASP-based coding training for developers, specialist training for high-risk handlers (PCI DSS compliance)
  • Simulated phishing
    Educating employees on how to spot a phishing email
  • Cyber security awareness campaigns
    Embedding a culture of security within your organisation
  • Reporting & monitoring
    Establishing the metrics, KPIs and mechanisms for your organisation’s cyber security needs

For more information view our Education & Awareness service overview

Education & Awareness

Case Study

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Education & Awareness