Identity & Access Management (IAM): Manage systems access to the right resources, at the right times, for the right reasons

To be successful every organisation needs to control systems access for its employees, contractors and partners, ensuring they efficiently access resources. The evolving use of Cloud based services, use of personal devices and blurring of a clear network perimeter means that each individual access represents a point of potential compromise. The larger the organisation the greater the attack surface is and the more likely a single weakness will be found to open the door for an attack. Protecting these access points begins with a Zero Trust IAM strategy, that ensures individuals only have the access they need to fulfil their duties. Key Identity and Access Management controls confirm that each user’s level of access is certified and managed securely using contextual awareness – granting of access based on identity, time and device type/location etc.

The model below shows how we help our clients meet the challenges and benefits of IAM by building a good access solution, where technology and process ensure that people have access appropriate for their role. It also allows an organisation to maintain an accurate picture of who has what access and how that access is being used. In times of greater regulatory scrutiny, it is important to know that provisioned access aligns with company policy and legal requirements.

Savanti will lead the activities to prepare your business for the delivery of an IAM solution. This is not just a technology project but a business transformation where an IAM platform is supported with secure and efficient ways of working.

Using our experienced team, we will help you to articulate the business outcomes and value you seek from the investment you are making.

During this phase you will gain a full understanding of the identities you need to protect, the systems you will integrate with your IAM platform and the IAM product features you need to deliver as part of a prioritised delivery roadmap.


Providing employees with the tools to do their job is a cornerstone of business success. Therefore, careful consideration needs to be given on how to do this securely, in a way that maximises operational efficiency and offers an enhanced experience for employees.

Designing and delivering an IAM platform, underpinned by Role-Based Access, in order to bring your new ‘ways of working’ to life is the primary focus of the Develop phase.


Savanti will guide you through connecting your directory services and business systems to the IAM platform and help you get to grips with the features and capabilities now at your disposal. This includes business process change and implementation of a role-based access model.

Exploiting the full IAM capability and driving full value from the product will come through an iterative feature delivery approach, where we work with you to put your operational practices into place.

Our product team can then work with you on embedding IAM business change on an ongoing basis, ensuring that your IAM strategy will continue to meet your operational requirements as these change over time.

Savanti, the IAM strategy and implementation experts, can help you align your key Identity and Access Management controls and Privileged Access Management capabilities, so they are working in unison to close any security gaps, eliminate redundant processes and provide common reporting for privileged and non-privileged accounts. Your IAM solution can provision your privileged identities whilst your PAM solution secures them. For more information on our PAM services please see below:

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Identity & Access Management

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Identity and Access Management