Cloud Security Consulting: Experienced, in-depth, proven

Whether you’re exploring public, private or hybrid cloud, Savanti’s team of experts will help you make the right choice. That’s because we’ve plenty of experience shaping and securing major cloud migrations for several FTSE 100 organisations. This means you benefit from our deep insight into what’s required to consolidate, rationalise and secure your cloud environments.

Services to transform your cloud security

Cloud Security Assurance

Our Cloud Security Assurance service is there to help customers manage their cloud services with confidence. We assess all aspects of your cloud deployment to highlight any security risks.

We assist with security improvements in the architecture and design of your cloud-based services and perform thorough security testing to provide the level of assurance you need.

Additionally we provide a subscription based monitoring and compliance service across most major cloud hosting services including Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and AliCloud.

Service benefits include:

  • Assurance that your cloud services are secure and can adequately protect your data
  • Ensure there are no gaping holes or backdoors into your cloud- based service
  • Design for scale to prevent security concerns inhibiting growth
  • Assurance on deployed services

Cloud infrastructure architecture & design

Sometimes you need a quick injection of expertise to support your staff or help you execute a project. This service gives you highly experienced consultants who can either slot into your team or self-manage specific projects. Often these require high-level design, specific technology patterns, or other fixed deliverables, making this service ideal for when you need:

  • Hard-to-find expertise available at short notice who don’t require long-term commitment
  • Complete design service to fill a gap within your team or organisation
  • Knowledge from a consultant who can teach your team
  • Cost-effective rates compared to larger consultancies
  • Leadership that comes with loyalty and reliability

Data centre readiness

This service is for when you’re preparing for migration or rationalisation. It starts with Savanti completing detailed assessments of your technology infrastructure, within your data centres. That’s where we identify areas for investment and re-engineering so that you have the right capabilities to take advantage of emerging services and technologies. You then get help with developing patterns and standards for infrastructure services. This is to ensure consistency across your estate, improving supportability and security posture of your overall technology infrastructure.

Interested in securing your cloud migration?

Case Study

Explore some of the ways we’ve delivered strategic security consultancy services to various clients across multiple industries 

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