CISO Support: help when you need it, from those that have been in your shoes

The CISO role is a lonely one – we know because we’ve been there. For many years. You’re making high-risk decisions with potentially high-profile and far-reaching consequences. It’s also a constant struggle to recruit the right talent to support your goals. What’s more, you’re under intensifying pressure facing ‘when rather than if’ cyber-attacks. If any of this sounds familiar, the CISO Advisory Service is for you.

It’s created by CISOs for CISOs, and enables you tap into expertise such as:

  • The first 100 days – Smooth any bumps when CISO role expectations and reality collide, expand your network, and ensure you hit the ground running
  • Structuring security risk management – Plan strategies and functions for governing, improving and securing your dynamic risk environment
  • Executive reporting: What, when and how – Define the ideal method for reporting that keeps you close to decision-makers
  • Dealing with audits – Ensure you’re up-to-date on best practices, and can turn audits into tools for strengthening security strategies
  • Security operating model – Transform models from reactive to strategic, spanning everything from risk and governance, to infrastructure and culture
  • Organisation structure review – Review and recommend the most suitable frameworks, maturity models, codes of practices and standards
  • Insource/outsource decision making – Know when to use existing competencies and when to go external – without compromising decision-making and business objectives
  • Supplier reviews – Conduct supplier reviews and audits, identifying value, problem areas, and optimising supply chains
  • Third-party assurance – Ease the security burden by implementing fundamental practices – even when you have thousands of suppliers
  • Help with interviews/candidate screening – Put in place a framework that means you quickly screen and shortlist the talent you need for solving security issues


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