Attack Surface Review (ASR)

An Attack Surface Review provides a company with an external view of the biggest risks to their organisation. Our tests simulate the information gathering undertaken by threat actors who will be attempting to find routes of entry and vulnerabilities to gain unauthorised access to sensitive information or interrupt business operations. 

In order to understand your Cyber Risk, knowing your perimeter is key and that is the benefit of undertaking an Attack Surface Review. This is useful as it emulates an attacker’s first steps when enumerating an organisation and will not directly affect any systems. It also helps to create an attack surface baseline that can be used when performing future Adversarial Attack Simulations such as more focused Pen Testing or Red Teaming.

By undertaking Attack Surface Analysis, you can better understand where you are vulnerable, share with top management which parts of the systems or networks could be open to attack, find ways of minimising this, identify if this differs from your current understanding and what this all means from a risk perspective. We will map the external estate, identifying services which are internet accessible and therefore can be interacted with by malicious adversaries. These services will be inspected for secure deployment and vulnerabilities. Should anything be identified of critical risk during the engagement it will be raised at the time of identification with your organisation. 


  • Examines the attacker surface of the organisation 
  • View your company from a threat actor’s perspective 
  • Assessment conducted by CREST certified specialists 
  • Test requires minimal time or effort by your company 
  • Delivered by Red Teaming and Pen Testing SMEs 
  • Full report detailing finding of the investigation 
  • Timely escalation of any material findings during the assessment 
  • Qualified experts with extensive private and public sector (including MOD) 
  • ISO 9001 and 27001 certified by UKAS 
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified and CREST approved for penetration testing 


  • Understand the risk your organisation could be facing 
  • Improve the information security culture within the organisation 
  • Free post-engagement debrief sessions for senior management 
  • Full management from assessment to post testing support 
  • Increase organisation resilience by mitigating the identity risk 
  • Gain a holistic view from the perspective of an attacker 
  • Increase assurance through real, actionable changes to improve security 
  • Identify vulnerabilities today before they are exploited by attackers

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Attack Surface Review